Powdered laundry detergents foul the environment and harm wastewater systems. Most powdered laundry detergents typically contain a minority of active ingredients with most of the contents just “fillers” which don’t have any cleaning benefit.  The usual filler is sodium sulphate, otherwise known as Borax, and this will have a serious impact on your wastewater systems.

The sodium swells clay particles and reduces the soakage of soils in the disposal area.  (The extreme version of this can be seen in the wet, rank pasture in low-lying areas near the sea caused by sodium in seawater.  The sulphate is then converted to Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten egg smell) by bacteria, and this gas is further converted to sulphuric acid which corrodes septic system components.  Even products claiming to be “eco” or “green” can be guilty.

For detailed Australian studies, refer to work done by Robert Patterson WWW.LANFAXLABS.COM.AU

To avoid rotten egg smells, corrosion of your plant and worsening soil soakage, use liquid laundry detergents at all times.