One of the most common questions we get asked is about maintenance – does it have to be done and how often?  The answer to that question is in multiple parts, covering individual system’s specs and the legal requirement by local councils and warranty issues.

To start, let’s look at the legal aspect.  In the Greater Auckland area under the current TP58 v3 and Air Land and Water Plan of October 2010, any system installed since October 2004 must have twice-yearly maintenance.  There may be suppliers who advise otherwise, but rules are rules, and to get a Code of Compliance you must agree to this requirement.  If you are outside of the Auckland area, then whatever the local council requires is what you should follow.

What is the flip side? Does your system require twice-yearly maintenance?  Well, that’s up to the manufacturer and end-user.  Are you a “flush the toilet and I don’t want to know the person”, or an “I’m a hands-on person”?  Reflection Wastewater Treatment systems don’t need to have twice-yearly maintenance for people who are hands-on, careful users.  Most people don’t want to know, so we stick with the rules, and as such Councils know we always do the right thing.

Bottom line – if suppliers are promoting once-yearly maintenance for the Greater Auckland area, they are breaking the rules.

Remember, to bring you peace of mind on the long-term reliability of your system, we offer a Maintenance Agreement and, for a small fee, we’ll carry out a six-monthly inspection, which includes checking pumps, flushing out any biological material build-up, and providing a report to the owner on any necessary remedial work.