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With our full-service offering, we are able to provide a wastewater treatment solution that suits your needs.

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We are an end-to-end wastewater treatment service delivering unparalleled products and services at a very high level. We provide total wastewater treatment systems for residential, commercial, government, and public services. Including onsite scoping, design, installation, and continued maintenance. No matter how complex the situation, we’ll make sure your wastewater treatment project will run smoothly.

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How we do it

Our experienced team of wastewater specialists sets us apart in the industry. Our reputation has been built on quality service and technically advanced products that are made in New Zealand.

Our innovative designs make use of leading-edge New Zealand-made wastewater treatments that are environmentally sound and use significantly less power than other systems – and they produce high-grade, reusable outflow.

Assess site evaluation and design


Site evaluation and design reports

Create construction of wastewater


Construction of wastewater systems


Liaise with local and regional councils

Careful ongoing maintenance


Careful ongoing maintenance of your wastewater system

Upgrade existing tanks


Upgrade existing tanks


Wastewater treatment systems


Litres of wastewater everyday


Percent New Zealand owned


Years plus experience

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